Hamley Jenkins



Formally trained as an illustrator, I graduated with a BA (Hons) from the Faculty of Art and Music at Bath College in 1993. My work was shown at the House of Illustration during the 2016 Book Illustration Competition Exhibition (details here), the 2016 Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize show and the 2017 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition. My landscape paintings are inspired by moments glimpsed when cycling through local London parks or hiking excursions further afield during more contemplative times of day, such as dawn, dusk or under the full moon.

For 5 consecutive years I have been the Roaming Sketch Artist at Wilderness Festival, an arts event run by Mamaco – all the drawings appear here. In 2017 I undertook a live full colour painting of Wilderness lake and the revellers there based on a painting by Georges Seurat, and this year sketched some fantastic workshops in watercolour and ink. Drawing and painting at Wilderness Festival over the years has been a fantastic experience and has led me to introduce figures into my landscape paintings, lending the pieces an improved sense of scale and creating potential narratives that the viewer is invited to explore.

Alongside the landscape work I also do sketchbook work using a process inspired by the Rorsach test; spontaneous marks evolve into images that imply characters or stories, hence the title ‘Archetypes’. A similar technique was employed by surrealists such as Miro and Breton to trawl their subconscious for visual material; as Jung said, archetypes are ‘at the same time, both images and emotions’. These archetypes are also expressed in my illustrations for the Folio Society in a book due to be released this Autumn.

About the artist

Painting live during  Wilderness festival, where the hand-made bamboo easel also attracted comment from the festival community.

(Many thanks to Peter Jones for this great  photo).

‘Misty Trees’, selected by Anne Magill for exhibition at the prestigious 2017 ING Discerning Eye show