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Hamley Jenkins


Wilderness is a festival of the arts held in the midst of Cornbury Park, a beautiful nature reserve in the Oxfordshire countryside - it’s a must-see event in the calendar of anyone who values the arts and nature. Thanks to a recommendation from my friend and former drawing tutor, Alex Cree, I was chosen by Secret Productions to sketch at Wilderness Festival from 2014 to 2018

Click on the sketchbooks below to see the drawings inspired there, I hope they give you a flavour of this wonderful festival. Open-air opera, theatre, music, hot tubs, banquets, debates, comedy and wandering players; with so much to entertain and inspire it’s always difficult to commit to one scene!

A small painting inspired by a spontaneous sketch of the volunteers’ rehearsal for the Saturday night Spectacular in 2016; all health and safety requirements in place as they co-ordinated the angle, spin and lift of their umbrellas, which were lit up on the night, the colours co-ordinated remotely to great effect.

Tess Acheson, Director at Secret Emporium:

“Annette delivered a work portfolio far beyond our expectations. We asked her to live draw within a live event arena, producing a number of sketches. The sketches were polished, finished and accurate yet retaining the ‘live’ touch we were after. I can see and feel the event in her drawings and she captured some amazing vignettes.”